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How To Fight For Fair Relocation Costs In An Eminent Domain Case

If your home, farm or business property is going to be condemned or has been condemned through the process of eminent domain, a large question is how you will afford to relocate. The just compensation obtained through a condemnation does not necessarily include relocation costs. In many cases, you will have to fight for a fair deal after you have been forced to move.

To protect your rights, the most important thing you can do is to refrain from moving your home or business until you and the relocating agency have agreed on the financial and practical terms of your relocation benefits. These terms may be determined through negotiations or legal action.

Wisconsin’s eminent domain laws include provisions for making relocation claims. To protect your right to maximum and fair relocation compensation, work with an experienced land use attorney. At Wisconsin Land Rights, we have helped many Wisconsin homeowners, farmers and business owners recover maximum available relocation settlements.

Examples Of Relocation Costs

Terms of your relocation reimbursements may be reached through hearings, negotiations, claims processes and/or appeals. Relocation costs may be defined as follows:

  • For homeowners: moving, searching, housing replacement and incidental expenses
  • For business property owners and tenants: moving, searching, incidental, business replacement and business reestablishment expenses

With much at stake every step of the way, it is important to work closely with an experienced, reputable land use lawyer. From law offices in Madison, Wisconsin Land Rights serves clients throughout the state. We help commercial property owners recover payments for storage, disassembly and reassembly of machinery, loss of tangible items that cannot be moved or sold and expenses such as advertising that are involved in reestablishing a business.

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