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Protect Your Property Rights When Eminent Domain Strikes

Has a state, county or municipality notified you of plans to take your farm, residential property or commercial property? Or has a corporation managed to persuade your community or local government that it needs your land? Corporate leaders may speak glowingly of development plans that will supposedly benefit the public – at your expense.

After the shock comes determination. An experienced attorney can be a vital advocate on your side. At Wisconsin Land Rights in Madison, Wisconsin, we have built a reputation as knowledgeable, empathetic, determined land use attorneys. We are ready to help you determine the best course of action. Our lawyers can be your staunch supporters. We are here to fight for your rights and interests.

How Will You Respond To The Threat?

A legal term such as “eminent domain” may seem abstract and even mundane until your property is threatened or seized in this manner. No matter how it came about, now you need legal counsel and a rational defense strategy.

In rare cases you may be able to fight the eminent domain action through legal or political means. More often the best way forward is to fight for full compensation for your property and relocation expenses with the help of a lawyer. That is where we come in.

Why Is This Happening?

Many of our clients facing eminent domain strive to secure just compensation when their land is condemned and seized for:

  • Installation of wind turbines or solar panels on or around their farms
  • Installation of power lines, natural gas pipes or water supply mains
  • Construction of corporate headquarters or major retail outlets
  • Construction of schools, hospitals or highways

Our clients include business owners, homeowners, farmers and county boards with jurisdiction over the land in question. Some find themselves driven off their residential and commercial properties for the sake of new roads, transmission lines or roundabouts. The process is very rarely pleasant, but we are proud of our skill at helping our clients stand up for their rights.

Start Fighting Back Now

When your land is to be taken for public use, don’t let worries over legal fees stop you from fighting back. Allow us to explain our client-friendly fee structures. All hope is not lost even when eminent domain seems to get the upper hand.

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