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Is Your Land About To Be Condemned? Fight For Just Compensation.

If you, the landowner, and the government or corporate entity that is about to seize your property cannot agree on terms of a sale, the next step may be a forced surrender through condemnation. With the help of an attorney and an independent appraiser, you can fight to protect your landowner’s rights to just compensation.

Perhaps you are holding out hope of persuading the powers that be to stop the eminent domain and allow you to keep your home, commercial property or farm. Turn to Wisconsin Land Rights as your land use law firm. Our attorneys will help you review all potential ways to turn things around and remain on your irreplaceable land if that is your goal. However, if condemnation proceedings are unstoppable, you can count on us to work hard to protect your rights every step of the way.

Condemnation: Not What You Ever Expected

At our Wisconsin firm, we are well aware that losing your land may be much more than a business deal to you. Your rural or urban property may have been in the family for generations. Condemnation of a long-held property may bring grief and feelings of disorientation. The cold reality about eminent domain is that it does not require compensating property owners for emotional losses. However, our lawyers translate empathy and understanding into purposeful action on behalf of our clients.

If we cannot save your land, we will fight with determination and skill to ensure that you receive just compensation. This may mean helping you obtain compensation equivalent to:

  • A fair market value of your property based on its size, location, degree of development, uses and unique characteristics
  • Your lost income if your property was income-producing
  • The replacement costs that you will need to recreate a similarly developed property elsewhere

Determining the full value of your home, farm or business property and the costs of relocation may seem subjective. In fact, documentation of its real value can help ensure that you get a fair deal.

Standing For Your Right To Fair Compensation

When we represent you, we aim for fairness. Our track record of success can give you confidence at this difficult time.

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