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Fighting Eminent Domain Actions For 23 Years

Landowners in Wisconsin sometimes face the threat of eminent domain from government entities. If your rights as a property owner are in jeopardy, you can turn to Wisconsin Land Rights to stand up for you. Whether helping business entities or private individuals, we at Wisconsin Land Rights have a proven record of fighting for just compensation for eminent domain actions, reducing the amount of land taken and, in rare cases, even stopping the actions entirely.

Our founder, Frank Jablonski, has more than 20 years of experience in eminent domain law plus 15 years of additional practice experience. He has devoted his career to taking on powerful government entities on behalf of working Wisconsinites.


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Our firm has successfully handled cases involving:

  • Power lines
  • Roadways
  • Utility transmission lines
  • Solar or wind farms
  • Oil pipelines
  • Schools
  • Urban development
  • Other projects deemed necessary for public use

Condemning authorities throughout the state know that when landowners work with us, they are serious about securing maximum compensation for their land and reducing the impact of the eminent domain action.

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Get The Best Value For Your Land

As often as possible, we advocate assertively to prevent or end eminent domain actions entirely. Unfortunately, even with an aggressive attorney on your side, many condemnations will proceed. In these situations, we fight to secure full compensation for your lost property. Rather than simply accept the condemning authority’s first appraisal or offer, we can help maximize the amount of just compensation that you receive.

Take The First Step In Your Eminent Domain Fight

With so much at stake, it is crucial that you reach out to Wisconsin Land Rights as soon as you can. To schedule an initial consultation, please contact our office in Madison by calling us toll free at +1-866-710-6193 or by using our online contact form.