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Owning property is part of the American dream. So, when the government or a large corporation announces its intention to take your land through eminent domain, that dream can seem to come crashing down around you. Eminent domain actions occur when a government or company claims a use of a property that purports to benefit the public. This use would require them to invalidate your property rights and compensate you for the loss. Building projects like roads, utility transmission lines and roundabouts are examples of some projects that may claim to have a public use. At Wisconsin Land Rights, our firm has the extensive experience and the dedicated commitment to fight eminent domain actions where possible, and secure full compensation for your property when it is not.

Securing Full Compensation
For Lost Property

In some cases, it can be shown that eminent domain actions would not benefit the public, and therefore they can be stopped. In most cases, however, eminent domain actions will go forward, and the only thing to do is to ensure that you receive full compensation for the property that you are losing. This is when you need an attorney with extensive experience in eminent domain law. Not every lawyer practices in this area, and the results you get will depend in large part on the attorney you choose. With decades of experience and a respected track record of successful outcomes, we are a respected firm for land rights cases in Wisconsin. We insist you receive your just due for property lost to eminent domain.

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Case Results


For loss of and damage to a client’s farmstead property in Jefferson County, Wisconsin, as the result of an eminent domain action by a utility company.


Vicki M.

“Thank you. Your tremendous efforts, time, attention, smarts, and guidance in our battle have been stunning. You always came through and you served as more than our attorney. You were a strategist, a handholder, and a media spokesperson. You went above and beyond repeatedly. We feel the judge’s decision is a great victory. You have done an amazing job for this neighborhood and city.”

Sylvia R.

“Thanks to you, Frank, and your law firm, for your dedication in winning important battles in our family’s long legal fight to secure justice and restitution. We needed to be heard; we needed answers; we needed action; we needed a sharp lawyer who could navigate both the law and the frustrating legal system. You had the courage and compassion to take our family’s complicated cases. You sorted through the complications and overcame the long odds against us by working very hard. If anyone were to come to me asking about a lawyer who can really be trusted, I would suggest they contact you and your firm.” 

Einar T.

“I knew I needed the best legal help I could get. As a former lawyer, I chose Frank Jablonski and his firm to represent my business because he is smart, ethical, and effective. I also knew he would have the toughness and stamina needed to take on a big company with their armies of lawyers and aggressive tactics. After defeating several attempts to get my case thrown out of court, we were able to get the result we needed. When you take on an elephant you need the right caliber of lawyer. You need Frank Jablonski.”

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